Partial Payment Policy

Partial payments may be received under the following conditions:

  1. A student must register within the first 21 calendar days of the start of the class to qualify for a partial payment.
  2. One-third of the total fees must be paid at the time of registration.
  3. All fees must be paid by the midpoint of the courseThe midpoint of a course is defined as halfway through the time of study.  For example, if a student registers in a course that is 120 hours long, the midpoint is 60 hours.  If a student registers in a course that has already started, and there are 100 days remaining until the end of the course, the midpoint is 50 days.  The final payment due date will be determined at the signing of the partial payment agreement and indicated on the Partial Payment Agreement Form by the principal or designee.
  4. Partial payments for vocational courses are non-refundable after the start of the class.
  5. Non-resident students are not eligible for partial payments because of federal immigration policies.
  6. Special fees, ID fees, lab fees, application fees and liability insurance fees are non-refundable.