Adult General Education (AGE)

The Adult General Education (AGE) program in Miami-Dade County is required to follow the performance-based funding guidelines outlined by the Florida Department of Education (FDOE). Performance-based funding is an accountability system with a built-in incentive structure that encourages progress toward certain established goals and performance objectives with periodic measurements of progress.

AGE programs and courses of academic instruction are identified by a course number and summarized for evaluation of learning gains by Literacy Completion Points (LCPs). These LCPs are designated by letters corresponding to specific grade-level equivalencies. Attainment of the prescribed academic or workforce readiness skills qualifies the participant for further basic or career/technical education, and/or employment as denoted by an LCP.

In order to progress through the adult program LCPs, a student must complete the performance standards listed in the FLDOE Adult Education Program Course Standards, website: Progress from level to level is measured using a standardized test for all federally funded programs. For State-funded programs, a progress report is used to document program completion and to track LCPs.

Adult high school and co-enrolled students show progress by demonstrating mastery of course performance standards and by earning credit for course competencies.

GED®preparation students’ progress through LCPs by passing the subtests of the official GED® test. Applied Academics for Adult Education (AAAE) students’ progress through LCPs by attaining the basic skills requirement of their respective career/technical program as measured by one of the five approved tests in State Board of Education Rule 6A-10.040, unless exempted.